Embodying Excellence in Every Build

At Racer Construction, we pride ourselves on a legacy of unparalleled quality workmanship, irrespective of the project's magnitude. Whether it's a grand estate or an intimate abode, our meticulous dedication remains consistent. We're more than just a construction company; we are artisans able to transform your dreams into tangible realities.


"Craftsmanship in the modern age is the harmonious blend of innovation and tradition."

— Oliver Reid

Authentic Craftsmanship

We take on both expansive and compact projects, always maintaining our standard of excellence.

Tailored Experience

We understand that every dream is unique. With our in-house team, we ensure a personalized journey from conception to completion.

Beyond the Blueprint

We believe in forging genuine relationships. With us, you'll experience a casual, no-pressure approach fused with utmost professionalism.

Rappahannock County, VA Building Services

Custom Home Design & Construction: Delving deep into the intricacies of custom home design and construction, we excel in crafting spaces that embody your vision. Serving the vibrant Rappahannock County, we synchronize with our clients, decoding their unique requirements to conceive and actualize their dream residences. Our dedicated team ensures that every foundation laid, and every beam placed resonates with unparalleled quality.

Home Renovations & Expansions: Beyond our renown in fresh construction, Racer Construction stands as a beacon for those seeking sophisticated renovations and expansions in Rappahannock County. Whether it's metamorphosing an existing space or elegantly extending a home's horizons, our master builders curate designs that harmoniously blend the old with the new.

Green Building Initiatives in Rappahannock County, VA: Embracing the future of construction, we hold a strong commitment to the environment. Beyond the conventional, we incorporate eco-friendly and sustainable building techniques that not only elevate the aesthetic of a home but also lessen its environmental footprint. Building in Rappahannock County, we ensure that every home we construct aligns with nature's grandeur.

Deep-rooted in Rappahannock County

As lifelong residents and parents, owners Jim and Camille's bonds with Rappahannock county run deep. Their dedication and involvement is unparalleled, whether it's through their professional commitments or their personal engagements within the community.

The entire Racer Construction team reflects this commitment to community involvement. With a hands-on approach to bettering their surroundings, they immerse themselves in various community-centric activities. From volunteering and donating to actively coaching and mentoring in local leagues, their contributions are vast and varied. Moreover, their unwavering support for the local public school system stands as a testament to their belief in education and the brighter future it promises for Rappahannock County's next generation.

good friends to this day

Jim and Camille Racer of Racer Construction built a custom home for me several years ago. From the planning to the execution phases, I could not have been more satisfied. Although Jim"s services are forever in high demand, he always made me feel as though I were his only customer. In his dealings with me, he was completely honest and I was kept fully informed about all aspects of the job. He is a genuinely kind and humble human being. Camille has such a keen eye and was so helpful to me with choices concerning the interior design. Although it's not large EVERYONE who sees my home for the first time remarks on its construction and appeal. Many people end up at odds with their builders by the end of their projects. Just the opposite has happened to me. I consider Jim and Camille good friends to this day and am so very grateful that our paths have crossed.   

Kathy S. | New Construction

final product continues to delight us

Our experience with Racer Construction, both during the remodel of our bedrooms, baths, and kitchen as well as the construction of our pool and pool house, was terrific. The process was collaborative from start to finish, and the final product continues to delight us. Jim, Camille, and each member of the team was incredibly proactive, thoughtful, and responsive. Jim consistently came up with creative but practical solutions to design and construction challenges, and Camille's good eye made choosing finishes a breeze. We were "in residence" throughout both projects, and the Racer crew could not have been more accommodating and pleasant to be around. We are big fans.

Neil and Becky B. | New Construction

Racer Construction is a Custom Home Builder Located Here in Rappahannock County Virginia


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